confidence in genetic quality

Looking to improve the genetic quality of your deer pasture? Harrell Whitetail Ranch specializes in growing large, clean, mainframe deer. Our proven bloodlines will enhance the caliber and size of your native population. Harrell Whitetail Ranch prides ourselves on customer service and attention to detail that is second to none. We will remain in contact your deer purchase to you are fully satisfied and the breeding is going well. 


Stocker does bred to 200" plus pedigree. 
Starting at $2500, price can vary depending on pedigree.


140-149" – $2,500
150-159 – $3000
160-169 – $4500
170-179 – $6,500
180-189 – $7,500
190-199 – $8,500
200+  – Price specific per buck

For deer semen and breeder prices,
please call us at 512-563-3220